Plugins extend the basic functionality of KildClient by adding new features. They are written in Perl and can do virtually anything.

In this page you will find some user-contributed plugins that you can use to make your gaming experience better.

Note, however, that plugins are generally tuned for a specific mud, so you might need to edit parts of the plugin for it to work properly. Generally triggers have to be edited to match the output of your mud.

To install a plugin, copy it to the ~/.kildclient/plugins directory.

If you have a plugin that you would like to contribute, submit it in the forum.

User-contributed Plugins

Second Detector

Version: 1.2.0
Author: Eduardo M Kalinowski (Cildraemoth)

This plugin, intended for Gods, detects seconds, that is, other characters of a given player, by comparing IPs. The triggers might need adjusting for other MUDs.


Delta Prompt

Version: 1.0.1
Author: Eduardo M Kalinowski (Cildraemoth) and Henrique P Martins (Alatar)

This plugin detects the values of hp/mana/xp/gold in your prompt, and displays a message when one of them changes, informing you of what has been changed.



Version: 1.0.0
Author: Eduardo M Kalinowski (Cildraemoth)

This plugin shows, when possible, host names instead of just IP addresses whenever an IP address appears in the mud. It does this in a non-blocking way, all hosts are resolved in the background and there is no delay.