Latest Version

The latest version of KildClient is version 3.1.0, released on 2016/Dec/10.

KildClient for Windows

There is a version of KildClient for Windows. Here you'll find instructions for installing it.

Beginning with version 3.0.0, KildClient is distributed as a single installer file containing everything you need to run the program. Download the installer here: kildclient-3.1.0.exe.

See this forum post for information on how to install spell checking dictionaries for the Windows version.

Downloading the source code

The tarball with the source code for KildClient can be downloaded here: kildclient-3.1.0.tar.gz.

Previous versions

All previously released versions of KildClient are archived at SourceForge.

Getting the latest development version

You can also download KildClient from git. This way you can get the most recent version, with new features and bug corrections that haven't yet made in the latest version. However, there might be new bugs or instabilities in the git version.

To get the latest development version of KildClient, clone the git repository at


Note: Previously, a SVN repository was used, but it has been disabled and development has moved to git. If you used the SVN repository, you'll need to checkout a new working copy from the git repository.