4.6. Protocols

The figure below shows the Protocols section of the World Editor:

Figure 4.8. The Protocols section of the World Editor
The Protocols section of the World Editor.

Here you can configure how KildClient uses some protocols to enhance the player's experience while playing the MUD. Currenly you can configure how KildClient behaves with regard to the MCCP protocol, which compresses data sent by the MUD so that less data needs to be sent.

By default, KildClient will use this protocol if the server proposes it, but only if this proposal comes in at most one minute after the connection has been established. This is done in order to prevent bad players from trying to crash your client by sending the special sequence that enables compression. Note, however, that well-written servers prevent the user from sending such sequences to other users. However, as compression is generally negotiated just after connecting, leaving this option in its default state, Enable if server proposes after connecting is recommended.

If Enable if server proposes at any time is selected, MCCP will be started whenever the start sequence is received, no matter at what time.

Finally, you can disable MCCP altogether by selecting Disable. This way sequences asking for compression will be ignored, and the server will never send compressed data. Attempts by malicious players will not succeed.