4.3. Input

The figure below shows the Input section of the World Editor:

Figure 4.5. The Input section of the World Editor
The Input section of the World Editor.

The first section, Command Entry, controls the behaviour of the command entry textbox:

The Font section allows you to configure the font that is used in the command entry box. Click the button and a dialog will appear for you to select the font.

The Flood Prevention feature is also configured in this section. This feature is useful in MUDs that disconnect you if you type 20 equal commands in a row, or something like that. When you enable this feature, KildClient will count the number of repeated commands you send. When you try to send the same command for the 20th time, KildClient will send another command you specify before, thus breaking the chain of repeated commands.

To use this feature, make enable the check box Do not allow the same command to be sent X times in a row. Change X for the number of equal commands that will disconnect you.

The Send this command textbox specifies the command that will be sent to prevent too many equal commands to be seen by the MUD. It should be set to a harmless command, because it might be sent anytime.