4.5. Automation

This section allows you to configure the features that make your MUD playing experience easier, faster and more efficient. You can define triggers, aliases, hooks, etc. here. These sections of the World Editor will be described elsewhere, along with a description of the features. Here we will deal with another section that is more generic.

4.5.1. Scripting

The figure below shows the Scripting section of the World Editor:

Figure 4.7. The Scripting section of the World Editor
The Scripting section of the World Editor.

There is only one parameter to be configured in this section: Perl file to load. It allows you to specify a file that will be read by the Perl interpreter when the World is loaded. This file can contain sub-routine definitions that will be available for you to use in your triggers, aliases etc., or to be called directly. For more details, see Section 7.1, “The Basics”.

Enter the path to the file in the textbox, or click the button next to it to open a dialog from which you can select a file.