8.7. Importing and Exporting

You can export triggers, aliases, macros, timers, permanent variables and hooks to a file, and them load these objects in another World. This function is accessed via the World Editor.

To export some items, select them from the list. (You can select several items by holding the Control key and clicking.) Press the Export button, and a dialog will open for you to select a file name. Select a name, press Save and the selected items will be saved to the file.

The export function is accessible from the editors for all exportable objects (triggers, aliases, macros, timers, permanent variables and hooks). By default, it only exports one kind of object, the one currently displayed. But you can export more than one kind of object to the same file (for example, triggers and aliases, or aliases, macros and hooks, or even all of them). To do that, select all the items you want from all the pages in the World Editor. Then, from any page, select Export. From the dialog that opens, click Items to export. Several check boxes will appear. Mark the ones corresponding to the objects you want to export, and all corresponding selected objects will be imported.

After you have exported some items, you can import them in another World, even in another machine. Just open one of the editors (it doesn't matter which one, you can import triggers even from the alias editor), and press Import. Select the file from the dialog, and all items in the file will be imported and will be included in the current World.