Part II. KildClient Programmer's Reference

Table of Contents
A. Global Function Reference
A.1. colorize
A.2. getclientname
A.3. getversion
A.4. getworld
A.5. gotow
A.6. help
A.7. play
A.8. quit
A.9. stripansi
A.10. stripcolorize
B. $window Reference
B.1. $window->getsize
B.2. $window->minimize
B.3. $window->settitle
B.4. $window->seturgencyhint
C. $world Reference
C.1. $world->{SILENT}
C.2. $world->alias
C.3. $world->aliasenabled
C.4. $world->close
C.5. $world->cmdseparator
C.6. $world->commandecho
C.7. $world->connectother
C.8. $world->dc
C.9. $world->delalias
C.10. $world->delhook
C.11. $world->delmacro
C.12. $world->deltimer
C.13. $world->deltrigger
C.14. $world->disalias
C.15. $world->dishook
C.16. $world->dismacro
C.17. $world->displugin
C.18. $world->distimer
C.19. $world->distrigger
C.20. $world->echo
C.21. $world->echonl
C.22. $world->echonlandlog
C.23. $world->enaalias
C.24. $world->enahook
C.25. $world->enamacro
C.26. $world->enaplugin
C.27. $world->enatimer
C.28. $world->enatrigger
C.29. $world->expandalias
C.30. $world->gag
C.31. $world->getaliasnumber
C.32. $world->getcharacter
C.33. $world->getconntime
C.34. $world->getentryfont
C.35. $world->gethooknumber
C.36. $world->getidletime
C.37. $world->getinput
C.38. $world->getkeycode
C.39. $world->getline
C.40. $world->getlogfile
C.41. $world->getmacronumber
C.42. $world->getmainfont
C.43. $world->getname
C.44. $world->getpluginversion
C.45. $world->gettimernumber
C.46. $world->gettriggernumber
C.47. $world->hook
C.48. $world->hookenabled
C.49. $world->interpret
C.50. $world->ispermanent
C.51. $world->listalias
C.52. $world->listhook
C.53. $world->listmacro
C.54. $world->listpermanent
C.55. $world->listplugin
C.56. $world->listtimer
C.57. $world->listtrigger
C.58. $world->loadplugin
C.59. $world->logfile
C.60. $world->macro
C.61. $world->macroenabled
C.62. $world->makepermanent
C.63. $world->maketemporary
C.64. $world->mlsend
C.65. $world->movealias
C.66. $world->movehook
C.67. $world->movemacro
C.68. $world->movetimer
C.69. $world->movetrigger
C.70. $world->next
C.71. $world->path
C.72. $world->prev
C.73. $world->reconnect
C.74. $world->requireplugin
C.75. $world->save
C.76. $world->send
C.77. $world->sendecho
C.78. $world->sendfile
C.79. $world->sendlines
C.80. $world->sendmsdpcommand
C.81. $world->sendnoecho
C.82. $world->sendserverdata
C.83. $world->setinput
C.84. $world->setstatus
C.85. $world->silentdisalias
C.86. $world->silentdishook
C.87. $world->silentdismacro
C.88. $world->silentdistimer
C.89. $world->silentdistrigger
C.90. $world->silentenaalias
C.91. $world->silentenahook
C.92. $world->silentenamacro
C.93. $world->silentenatimer
C.94. $world->silentenatrigger
C.95. $world->timer
C.96. $world->timerenabled
C.97. $world->trigger
C.98. $world->triggerenabled
C.99. $world->writetolog
D. Using KCWin for Input/Output Windows
D.1. Changes from Previous Versions
D.2. KCWin::get_text
D.3. KCWin::set_text
D.4. KCWin::feed
E. Writing Plugins
E.1. The File Format
E.2. A Sample Plugin
E.3. Disposing Data When the Plugin Is Unloaded
E.4. Enabling and Disabling Plugins
E.5. Conditional Loading of Plugins
E.5.1. Plugins That Require Other Plugins
E.6. Using GTK+ From Plugins
E.7. Plugin Conventions