C.78. $world->sendfile


$world->sendfile function: SENDs a FILE to the world

$success = $world->sendfile( file ,
  [delay ,
  [n-lines]] );

Sends the contents of the given file to the world. delay is the number of seconds to wait between sending each group of lines, and n-lines is the number of lines to send a time. If these values are not specified, they are taken from the defauls set in the Preferences dialog (see Section 5.2, “Sending”).

On success, returns true. If the file does not exist or cannot be open, this function does nothing and returns a false value. It returns undef if the file name is not specified.

For more options, see the $world->mlsend function which allows adding a text before and/or after each line, and sending lines before and/or after sending the contents of the file.