C.58.  $world->loadplugin


$world->loadplugin function: LOADs a PLUGIN

$success = $world->loadplugin( name );
$success = $world->loadplugin( file );

Loads a plugin. You can either pass a full path for the file that defines the plugin, or just its name. If you provide only the name, a file with that name (and the extesion .pl, if the extension is not already provided) will be looked for in the directories specified by the @PLUGINDIRS array. By default, this array contain two directories: one where KildClient stores some of its files (generally /usr/local/share/kildclient/plugins) and one in the user's home directory (~/.kildclient/plugins), but feel free to add more directories to search plugins for.

This function returns true if the plugin was successfully loaded, and false otherwise (including the case in which the plugin was already loaded). See also $world->requireplugin for a way to load a plugin unless it is already loaded.