Chapter 4. Editing a World

Table of Contents
4.1. General
4.2. Display settings
4.2.1. Main Window
4.2.2. Colors
4.2.3. Status Bar
4.3. Input
4.4. Logging
4.5. Automation
4.5.1. Scripting
4.6. Protocols
4.7. Advanced

This chapter will describe all the options found in the World Editor that let you customize the behaviour of KildClient. Only general options will be described here, some sections of the World Editor, that allow you to configure features dealing with automation (such as triggers, aliases, hooks, etc.) will be described in other chapters, along with an explanation of that feature.

To access the World Editor for the currently open World, use the WorldEdit menu. It is also possible to edit Worlds from the World Selector dialog, just click once in the World from the list and press Edit.

There are several groups of options in that dialog. The following sections will describe each one in turn.