Chapter 16. Out-of-band server data

Table of Contents
16.1. Receiving server data
16.1.1. GMCP data
16.2. Sending server data
16.2.1. MSDP data

KildClient support some protocols that allow the server to send data to the client in a way that can be easily parsed (unlike prompts, for example) and that is not directly visible to the user. We call this out-of-band data. For example, the server could send your character stats (hp, mana, etc), so that a plugin can display this data in a more convenient form.

Currently, two such protocols are supported: MSDP and GMCP (sometimes called ATCP2).

By default, nothing is done with the data that is received. A hook must be bound to the OnServerData event to handle the data that is received. Even so, KildClient does nothing with the data (other than to parse it in a form that's easy to be used in Perl scripts and protocol-independent): it's up to your code to do anything with it. For example, KildClient does not store any previous values of any variable, it is up to you to store what you want.