Chapter 7. Using Perl in KildClient

Table of Contents
7.1. The Basics
7.2. Echoing and Sending Text
7.2.1. Paths and Speed-Walking
7.3. Playing Sounds
7.4. Saving Variables Permanently
7.4.1. Permanent Variables in the Command Line
7.5. Controlling Worlds with Perl

This chapter will describe briefly how to use Perl (Practical Extration and Report Language, or, according to some, Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister) in KildClient. Even though it will give a few examples of things that would certainly be known already by people who know Perl, this Chapter is not meant to be a Perl tutorial. If you want to learn Perl from the start, you should read its man pages, find a tutorial or a good book on the subject (there are plenty of these). Some knowledge of Perl will certainly help in understanding this Chapter.