Chapter 15. Using the Chat

Table of Contents
15.1. Basic Usage
15.2. Advanced Features
15.3. Chat Functions

KildClient supports peer to peer chat (that is, you talk directly to the other person, and not via a server, be it a MUD server or a chat server), which allows you to talk to other users of KildClient or other clients that support the MudMaster or zChat protocols (both are supported by KildClient).

There are several advantages of chatting directly with the other person:

The chat also supports other features that are not possible through a MUD, such as snooping a session, that is, seeing everything the other player sees in the screen (if they allow you to do so, of course), or sending everything you see to your chat party (if you allow that, of course), or transfering files.

These features do not pose a security risk, because they can be disabled and the other person can only see your output if you allow it, and they can only send files if you allow them to.