6.4. Preferences Menu

6.4.1. Disable Triggers, Aliases, Macros or Timers

If each of these menu entries is checked, then the corresponding automation feature is disabled: lines are not matched against triggers, aliases do not replace typed commands, macros and timers do not run. Use them if you want to temporarily disable all of them, since the triggers, aliases, macros or timers are not deleted.

6.4.2. Debug Matches

If this entry is selected, whenever a trigger or alias matches, information is printed about it. The information is printed on stdout, which means you must start KildClient from a terminal.

6.4.3. Preferences

This command opens a dialog where you can configure some aspects of KildClient global to all Worlds. See Chapter 5, Configuring KildClient.

6.4.4. Edit Default World

This command opens a dialog where you can set some default parameters used for Worlds. For example, you can define your preferred font or colors, and all new Worlds will use these default font and colors.

The things that can be set are described in Chapter 4, Editing a World, but not all things described there can be set as default parameters. (There's no sense in having a default World name, for example.)