6.1. World menu

6.1.1. Open

This menu command opens the World Selector dialog for you to connect to a World, either a saved one or a new one. You can also edit the saved worlds from the World Selector dialog.

See Section 3.1, “Connecting to a MUD” for more information on opening Worlds.

6.1.2. Reconnect

If you are not connected to a World, but have it still open (in offline mode), use this menu to connect again to the World. If you are connected, this command closes the current connection and reopens it.

6.1.3. Disconnect

This command closes the connection to the World. Note that this is not the recommended way to exit from a MUD, you should use the proper command (generally quit).

6.1.4. Connect to Another

This command opens the World Selector (see Section 3.1, “Connecting to a MUD”) for you to connect to another World using the same tab. If you are still connected to a World, the connection will be closed.

6.1.5. Close

This command closes the connection to the World (if it is open) and closes the current tab. If this is the only tab, the program is exited.

6.1.6. Edit

This command brings up the World Editor for you to configure the World. See Chapter 4, Editing a World.

6.1.7. Save

This command saves any changes made to the World to the disk so that they are made permanent. Note that whenever a World is closed, it is automatically saved before.

6.1.8. Statistics

This command opens a dialog showing some information and statistics about the currently open World. If you are connected using SSL (see Section 4.1, “General”), some information about the SSL session and the certificate are displayed.

6.1.9. Previous and Next

These two commands allow you to navigate between the open Worlds, going to the next or previous tabs, repectively.

6.1.10. Quit

This command exits KildClient, closing any open Worlds. If an open world has "OnCloseConnected" hooks (see Chapter 12, Hooks), they are executed. If there is at least one open world without such hook, you are asked for confirmation first.