5.1. Appearance

The figure below shows the Appearance section of the Preferences dialog:

Figure 5.1. The Appearance section of the Preferences dialog
The Appearance section of the Preferences dialog.

In this section you configure the colors that KildClient uses for its own purposes. (The configuration of the colors that the MUD displays is explained in Section 4.2.2, “Colors”.)

Two colors can be configured: Informative messages is the color used by KildClient to print messages about the status of the connection, such as the ones showing that a connection is being tried or has succeeded. Command echo specifies the color in which the commands you send to the World are printed in the screen (if this feature is enabled, see Section 4.3, “Input”).

In each case, select from the drop-down list the color you want. Note that the actual color that is displayed depends on how it was configured in the World Editor (see Section 4.2.2, “Colors”).

How the tabs representing the open worlds are displayed is configured here. They can be at the top, bottom, left or right. Select the one you want from the combo box. You can also select whether to show tabs if there is only open open world, or hide the whole tab bar in this case.

Finally, you can enable or disable the Flash window when new text is received feature. When it is enabled, if text is received in the mud while you are at another window, KildClient's window will flash to draw your attention. If disabled, you can still know that new text has been received because the titlebar will have a (*) prepended. Note, however, that the exact behaviour of this feature might depend on your Window Manager, and that some window managers do not do anything for windows with the "Urgent" flag set.