Chapter 1. Introduction

KildClient is a MUD Client written with the GTK+ windowing toolkit. It supports many common features of other clients, such as triggers, gags, aliases, macros, timers, and much more. But its main feature is the built-in Perl interpreter. You can at any moment execute Perl statements and functions to do things much more powerful than simply sending text the the mud. Perl statements can also be run, for example, as the action of a trigger, allowing you to do complex things. Some built-in functions of KildClient allow interaction with the world, such as sending commands to it.

This manual will guide you in using KildClient. First the basic usage will be described, and then more advanced features will be explained. In the end, there is a reference of all built-in functions of KildClient, which can be called from your scripts.

It is assumed that the user has some basic knowledge of MUDs and their working, and also of the specific MUDs the users connects to. This manual has no aim at explaining how to play a MUD. Even when specific examples are given of commands, these might not work on all MUDs.