Using KCWin for Input/Output Windows

Table of Contents
D.1. Changes from Previous Versions
D.2. KCWin::get_text
D.3. KCWin::set_text
D.4. KCWin::feed

KCWin is a standard plugin distributed with KildClient that allows you to create windows with a terminal for output and an entry box for input. These windows do nothing by themselves, but they can be used by other plugins when they need a window for input and output. The output area supports ANSI colors and thus is like a mini MUD window.

This plugin requires the gtk3-perl bindings. It will fail to run if these bindings are not found.

This plugin is more often used as a helper for other plugins. A plugin that uses KCWin should use $::world->requireplugin('KCWin') in a BEGIN block, as described in Section E.5.1, “Plugins That Require Other Plugins”.

Use KCWin->new to create a new window. KCWin derives from Gtk3::Window so you can use all of its methods.

The widgets are accessible for customization. If $kcw is a KCWin, the following widgets are available:

The widgets can be used, and the window can be customized (by adding other widgets, for example). Some common actions have functions in KCWin as a shortcut. These functions will be described in the following sections.