KildClient version 3.0.0 released

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KildClient version 3.0.0 released

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KildClient version 3.0.0 has been released today. Some new features highlights:
  • This version should be more responsive than previous versions, especially in MUDs with large amounts of text.
  • KildClient now supports the GMCP (also called ATCP2) and MSDP protocols for data transfer between the server and client.
  • KildClient now supports HTTP proxies.
  • Timers can now have sub-second intervals.
For a full list of changes, see the ChangeLog.

Download the source code, or the Windows installer. For Windows users, the installation procedure has been simplified: the installer contains all necessary components and is all you need to download to run KildClient.

Notes for plugin writers

KildClient has been upgraded to use GTK+ 3. This should not affect your user experience, but plugins that use gtk2-perl for graphical interface need to be upgraded to use gtk3-perl. In most cases, just replacing s/Gtk2/Gtk3/ should be sufficient. But if the plugin used deprecated functions, bigger changes might be necessary. See the following link for more information on upgrading:
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