Automation tab dissapear.

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Automation tab dissapear.

Post by klerindias »

i just installed kildclient and jmud plugin.
I use Vbox with ubuntu.

jmud client seems do not work, any ";command" seems do not work.

Here is what i got when i edit world:

When i creating world and adding jmud plugin i got automation.
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Re: Automation tab dissapear.

Post by ekalin »

I cannot help you with jmud, but plugins shouldn't be able to affect the program's dialogs.

That picture you posted seems to be the "Edit Default World" dialog, accessible from the Preferences menu. There one can set default values for all new worlds, such as fonts and colors.

Automation settings, however, are specific for each world, and only available when editing a specific world.
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Re: Automation tab dissapear.

Post by jmud »

Hi klerindias,

In case it's not clear, you are using the wrong window. In the KildClient menu, click on 'World > Edit', not 'Preferences > Edit default world'.

By the way, did you know that you can load plugins using KildClient commands? For example:

Code: Select all

To see if a plugin has loaded, you can use these commands:

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See the KildClient manual, section 13, for more information.

If JMud loads successfully, you will always see a message like this:
[ JMud v1.1.001 19 September 2013 - Copyright 2011-2013 A S Lewis ]
[ Type ';about' for licence information, ';help' for help ]
If JMud has not loaded, it's usually because you don't have the right Perl modules. Try starting KildClient from a terminal window: in Ubuntu, press CTRL + ALT + T to open the window, and then just type 'kildclient':


Any system error messages will appear in the terminal window; from there, you can work out what you are missing.

When I am installing KildClient/JMud on a new Ubuntu box, I use the following command to get all the Perl modules I need:

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sudo cpan install Gnome2::Wnck Locale::gettext JSON::XS Heap::Binomial Net::Telnet version File::HomeDir
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